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Our Mission

Our Motto “Be Vegan Make Peace”

“Be Vegan Go Green To Save The Planet”


Golden Green Hotel is a ‘Green’ Vegan Hotel and as far as we know, we are the only ’Green’ and ‘Vegan’ High Rise Hotel in the world. Inside our Hotel we have a Loving Hut International Vegan Restaurant. Soon to open a Vegan Sober Bar, and all drinks served are vegan and100% alcohol free, yes, zero alcohol and of course zero hangover. We feature a Banquet Hall and Meeting Rooms and from our Restaurant we serve vegan food to the assembled guest.


We did not want to tear down this Historic Hotel and build a new one, nor did we want to throw away all the old furniture and replace it with new. However, we did install new energy efficient lighting throughout the entire Hotel as well as the parking deck. We replaced the old toilets that used 3.5 gallons of water per flush with new ones that use only 0.8 gallons of water per flush. We installed dispensers for soap, lotion, and shampoo to save the numerous small bottles and paper wrappings that are thrown in landfills each and every day.


We are using many Green chemical products, and so forth, to preserve and protect the environment. We continuously try to use organic vegan and local products and are looking for new products and ways to sustain our planet. Also, we are looking to do business with likeminded people and groups.

Many guests come to our Hotel and are disappointed that we don’t have a swimming pool, nor spa, nor the latest fitness equipment. We are sorry to have disappointed them. However, we stand by our mission and our cost-effective prices do reflect this relief. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an inexpensive 3 Star Hotel with people on a mission to help make a healthier lifestyle and help save the planet, then we are here for you.


“Just paying money alone cannot Save Lives but being Vegan can”.


“Just Be Vegan”- Supreme Master Ching Hai.

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